Terms & Conditions for Decoy Country Cottages, Garlow Cross, Navan, County Meath. Ireland

The Contract for a short-term holiday rental will be between the Owners of Decoy Country Cottages (referred to as “us” or “we”) and the person making the booking and all members of the holiday party (referred to as “you”, “your”, “guests”) under the following booking conditions. The Contract will be subject to these booking conditions, and must be complied with. The person whose name is on the booking form (referred to as the “Responsible Person”) agrees to take full responsibility for ensuring that all the following Terms and Conditions are adhered to by all members of the party. The Responsible Person must personally stay at the accommodation throughout the holiday and be at least 18 years of age at the time of booking. The names,  ages and contact details of all members of the party must be shared with the Owners (subject to data protection policy which you can find here).

When you submit a booking via our online reservation system you will receive an automatically generated booking summary by email to the email address you provide in the booking form. This does not form a contract between us. A contract shall only arise when your booking is subsequently confirmed by post or email and upon receipt of a deposit of 30% of your booking total.


Bookings may be placed by phone, email and directly through our on line booking system but will only be confirmed on receipt of the deposit of 30% of the holiday cost (to the nearest Euro). Until this point a booking is provisional and will be held for a maximum of 7 days. If no deposit has been received by this time we reserve the right to cancel the booking. Your contract with us only comes in to force once a deposit payment has been taken and the funds have cleared.

The balance of the rental will be due for payment 42 days before the arrival date; you will be sent email notification that the balance is due 7 days prior to the due date. We reserve the right to cancel a booking where payment has not been received 42 days before the commencement date, in which case the deposit is forfeited. If the booking is made within 42 days of the arrival date then payment will be due in full. No entry to properties will be allowed without payment, in full, being cleared beforehand. All payments must be made in Euros

2. VAT

The holiday price includes Value Added Tax at 9%  (If rates of VAT change, we reserve the right to amend prices accordingly).

3. Cancellation

Sometimes with the best will in the world, plans can change at short notice and we are happy to offer a 14 day no quibbles refund as follows: You may cancel up to 14 days before your arrival date and receive a full refund of all monies paid. Please not that your arrival date DOES NOT COUNT as one of the 14 days. For example if you are due to arrive on the 16th of the month then you would have until midnight (Irish time) on the 1st day of the month to notify us of the need the cancel your booking.  Cancellations must be immediately notified to us by email or by phone and ask for as much notice as possible.

If you cancel later than FOURTEEN (14) days before the Holiday Commencement Date then we cannot refund your Booking and we will have incurred costs and are unlikely to be able to re-let our accommodation in such a short period of time.

For this reason, we strongly recommend you take out your own travel insurance which covers booking cancellations. This will give you the peace of mind that you will get your money back if you need to cancel your holiday at almost the last minute. If you choose not to then you accept responsibility for any loss that you may incur due to your cancellation.

4. Circumstances beyond our control (Force Majeure)

If for any reason we have to cancel your booking in advance due to circumstances beyond our control for example fire, flood, exceptional weather conditions, epidemics, pandemics, destruction/damage to the property (“force majeure“) you will be refunded the full amount of the booking. If we have to terminate your holiday early for the above reasons you will be refunded part of the lodging costs based on the time remaining of the booking. This will be the full extent of the liability of the Owners.  No additional compensation, expenses or costs will be payable.

5. Our Right to Refuse

We reserve the right to refuse any booking and, in exceptional circumstances, to cancel, modify or alter arrangements made for the Visitor. If a booking had to be cancelled, modified or altered by us we will make every effort to offer an alternative holiday. If the Visitor does not accept the alternative holiday offered, we will return to him/her any monies paid whereupon our liability will cease.

6. Change of Booking

If you need to change your booking then we will do our best to accommodate you but if this change is less than 2 weeks before your arrival date (as above your arrival day is not part of the 14 days) then it will be considered a cancellation and will fall under the holiday cancellation conditions. 

7. Visitor Accommodation Limitation

You may access the property from 16.00 on the day of your arrival (earlier arrivals are strictly by arrangement only).  Please note that departure is by 10.00 on your final day (again, later departures are strictly by arrangement only). On departure, you are requested to leave the accommodation in a clean and tidy condition. This includes washing up, dishwasher emptied, placing rubbish in bin liners and putting in outside bins, ensuring ovens and barbecue are clean and free from grease. We reserve the right to make a charge of €50 for extra cleaning if the accommodation is not left in a satisfactory condition.

The property is let for the purposes of a holiday let . The booking agreement confers the right to occupy the accommodation for the agreed period only. You undertake to use the property solely for its purpose as self-catering accommodation and to accept the Owner’s right to refuse access to the accommodation to any person, whether the Responsible Person or guest of the Responsible Person, deemed unsuitable. Causing a nuisance or disturbance to neighbours or any unreasonable behaviour may result in the Owner requiring the Responsible Person or their guests to leave.

Accommodation at all times is limited to the number of persons for whom the booking is made, and the maximum number in each cottage must not exceed that stated in the brochure.

8. Joint bookings

Where two parties join forces to take a holiday cottage, the booking should be made in one name only – that person (the Visitor) to be responsible for all payments and any damage.

9. Services

All charges for gas, electricity and water services are included in holiday price.

10. Loss of Visitor Property

We cannot be held responsible for loss or damage to any belongings, or for injury sustained by the Visitor or members of his/her party during their stay at the holiday property. We exclude liability for loss or damage to any belongings, or for injury

Sustained to the Visitor or member of his/her party during their stay at the holiday property.

11. Right of Entry

We and our agents reserve the right to enter any cottage at any reasonable time on reasonable cause.

12. Care of the property

You are responsible for the property and are expected to take all reasonable care of its furniture, pictures, fittings and effects, in or on the property. You must leave them in the same state of repair and in the same clean and tidy condition at the end of the rental period as at the beginning. You undertake the leave the property secure if left unoccupied during the period of let. You must not use the properties for any dangerous, offensive, noxious, noisy, immoral activities or carry on there any act that may be a nuisance or annoyance to the owner or other neighbouring properties. Sleeping in tents or motor vehicles adjacent to the accommodation is not permitted. All our properties are non smoking

13. Damages and breakages

You are legally bound to reimburse us for replacement, repair or extra cleaning costs on demand (although we would not charge you for the odd glass or plate).  If you lose a key we will replace it upon you paying for the cutting of a new one.

14. Internet Access

Free Wi-Fi and broadband internet is provided for your reasonable use and may be subject to separate terms and conditions. You agree to reasonable and lawful usage of this service.  We will not be liable for slow connections or for any interruptions to or the failure of this service.

15. Pets

We  allow dogs but only when have they been booked in and paid for. (€30 per dog, per booking/per cottage entered). Maximum of 2 dogs per property. Dogs must be house-trained, kept under proper control and not allowed on the furniture, and especially the beds, nor left unattended in the property. All dog waste must collected and disposed of in the general waste bin.  Dog owners will be held responsible for any damage caused to the property, contents or garden by their dog and for any extra cleaning required. When out walking within the property grounds/estate, you must ensure that dogs are kept on a lead except where indicated. They must not be allowed to disturb livestock, deer or game birds. We reserve the right to seek details of any dogs in advance and to refuse permission for them to be brought to the accommodation for any reason, including if they are considered unsuitable in character, size or behaviour, or liable to be a nuisance or danger to other guests.

16. Access

The cottages have a car park for guests only and guests are requested to park in the car park at all times except when unloading or loading cases etc. on arrival or departure.

17. Bicycles

If you bring a bicycle/s on holiday, please do not take them into the cottage.

18. Complaints

Every care is taken to ensure that our cottages are presented to visitors to a high standard. Should you find on arrival that there is a problem, or cause for complaint, please let us know immediately. Every effort will then be made to assist you. It is frustrating for all parties if you write after your holiday and tell us about a problem that could have been solved had we known at the time. We value every booking and want all visitors to enjoy their holidays and to return to The Cottages.