Looking For a lovely Irish country wedding? A wedding day to remember? Look no further than Decoy Country Cottages.

Decoy Country Cottages is the ideal location for small intimate weddings and is becoming very popular for couples wanting something different.

There are some small churches nearby that will give your special ceremony a cosy feel and we can help to arrange the service, church decor, photographer and music (harpist, traditional or classical).

We also have a beautiful garden for all those important photos.


Need somewhere to get ready for a wedding that you are having somewhere else — our cottages make the ideal venue to get ready and for your guests to all stay and with our 2 treatment rooms, why not pamper yourself before the wedding and get your hair and makeup done on your special day.

The Next Day

Why not host your after party at our cottages - we can arrange the catering and music for you (in order to do this you must book all the cottages and our minimum booking is for 2 or 3 nights  depending on the time of year.

Please call us to discuss your needs.